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This bug is just too stupid to let go live without posting it since it needs to get fixed. On live server stacked serrated blades consuming 3 expose weaknesses but gives the damage bonus only once. On PTS it was supposed to be fixed to consume 3 stacks of expose weakness and give the damage bonus 3 times. I actually think it was this way on PTS for a while. Well currently on PTS it gives the damage bonus correctly 3 times for a stacked serrated blades, but it does not consume any stacks of expose weakness. That's right, instead of consuming 3 is consumes 0 and it causes some hilariously bugged parses on PTS. In a bloodstalker build it means maybe around 700-800 extra dps. Sorry for spoiling the fun.
Thank you for bringing this up. This bug was introduced on the test shard only recently and will be fixed before it goes Live.
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