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There is no skill in the entire game that uses both 1h weapons to increase damage based on the weapon DPS. For both Warriors and Rogues the damage comes solely from the main hand and the offhand is a stat stick. Only a few skills use the offhand for damage calculations but those skills use nothing from the main hand.ExampleYou max Sword PA and you hit 500 with a certain 1h skill using two swords.You equip an Axe in your offhand so according to you we lose the bonus from the Sword PAs but yet the skill still hits for 500.So please tell us how 1h PAs equal 2h double dipping because apparently everyones testing for 10 months says that your statement is wrong.
If you have the PA that gives you 0.2 to DPS with swords and you equip a sword in each hand, it will actually grant 0.4.
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