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A Few questions atrius...1) Slayers Bearing These are quotes taken from previous posts"1) Slayers Bearing is not properly adding to crits. Neither is Force of Will. This one is proving difficult to nail down but we are aware of it and looking for solutions."and later you mentioned that it is fixed for AoE attacks.Can you please explain how the crit modifer is ment to work for single target attacks as when checking crit hits with no buffs to get a base figure then applying Soldiers bearing at 8% my critical hits hit 8% harder when i swap this to Slayers bearing @25% my critical hits only hit 15% harder compared to the base figure.It seams like something is buggy surely slayers and soldiers should be applying their modifers in the same way?at 2/3 in intense training the actual benefit to crit hits is 7% from Soldiers and 11% from Slayers... but that 7% is on ALL hits which makes it better than slayers, even at the higher crit levels. i've not tested the comparasion overall dps differece at 3/3 intense training. (crit rating of around 39% without flowing strikes buff up - 44% with it up)
These abilities do not modify Crit Rating at all, just the damage you gain on the back end of a critical hit. That being said, just about every talent or ability that modifies damage is going to tie in and your results may not show as much as they say. However I will look into it.
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