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Thanks, I nailed this part now.If I might ask, how to I assign the returned values to a table? I thought the "Event.Auction.Scan" would return it, but what I got was rather a list of active add-ons as well as a list of functions instead of the actual "data" (I was expecting the IDs).
You'll need to actually process the Event.Auction.Scan event - the list of IDs is one of the parameters. Check the example addons for demos on how to do that.
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Are ALL Command.Auction.Scan(params), without indexes are considered "fullauctions" scan even when a search is applied ?If so, that makes the process of looking for a specific item prior to posing it counter-productive as it takes your "fullauctionscan" slot.
Yes, they are. Either add an index (you can, at the very least, get the first 50 items this way), or do a single full scan before posting and then refer to that while posting.
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