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I've noticed Glacial Shield has been updated but is not in the patch notes. Was it just missed?
Glacial Shield has not been touched. What you're noticing is the fact that it's now benefiting from Dauntless Courage (because Glacial Shield is considered a melee ability) along with the simple fact that the tooltip now includes the benefits of Spell Power. To understand where its current final number is coming from, just plug your Spell Power into the following29 + 1.5 * (SP / 5) * 0.25) * 1.05which isBase dmg + GCD * (Spell Power / 5) * Spell Power Coefficient) * Bonus
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Some tooltip numbers from the PTS on the comparison of the druid pet (Greater Faerie) healing spells if anyone interested.Faerie Healing, the single target heal casted by your faerie pet, has its healing amount increased in 1.7 and now heals for 1.2k hp with a 2 second cast time on PTS self buffed (Greater Faerie). Faerie’s Favor, previously a single target HoT, now heals up to 4 raid members for 1.4 k hp over 12 seconds if casted by the Greater Faerie. In comparison, Healing Grace from the sentinel tree heals for 850 hp and also have a 2 second cast time. Healing Breath, the 0 point sentinel ability, heals for 1.4 k (instant, 8s cooldown). Healing Flood from the warden tree heals for 700 hp over 12 seconds on 5 raid members. Healing Shower from warden heals for 1.7 k on 10 raid members over 12 seconds.
Just a couple notes:
  • Faerie's Favor actually heals 5 people. It heals the target and 4 additional raid members.
  • A point often overlooked is that these numbers increase significantly with Combined Effort and Rage of the Fae. The heals are also affected by Spirit of the Wood.
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