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This contest is part of the celebration with the introduction of in-game marriages in Update 1.7 - check out all the details:Save the Date – Get hitched and be part of a world record this Valentines Day!Do you and your significant other play RIFT together or have they been looking for a reason to try? We’ve got a contest to make your big-day even bigger! MMO’s have played a role in thousands, maybe even millions of relationships – we want to know how online games benefit you and your loved one or the favorite memories you’ve made playing together!Starting today we’re inviting you to share your story! Whether you met in-game, found a common bond in gaming, or use online worlds as a way to spend time together even when you’re physically apart – we want to hear from you. The best part – your story doesn’t have to start in RIFT, true romance can be found anywhere and you don’t need to limit you story to the confines of Telara.Of course there’s something in it for you – from the stories we receive five lucky couples will get the royal treatment on their wedding day! Yours truly, Elrar – Community Manager, will officiate your wedding and provide all the trimmings, including the new wedding wardrobe outfits. That’s not all though, we’ll celebrate your new nuptials by telling all of Telara with a personalized in-game broadcast!Here’s the Rundown:
  • In 300 words or less (we’re not sticklers, but keep it to the point!) tell us how online games play a role in your relationship in this thread no later than Monday, February 6th @ 10AM PDT
  • While we’re looking for the best stories it’s important to be a good story teller! Bonus points for writing style and legibility.
  • Obviously – only one entry per couple please!
  • Your partner doesn’t need to be an active RIFT player – but they’ll need to be able to show up for the wedding if you want to enjoy the prize!
  • Winners will be contacted during the week of February 6th and announced on February 10th – we’ll coordinate a date and time on Valentines Day, February 14th, or set a rain date if needed.
These are the basic rules - be sure to check out the post linked above for all that wonderful legal text. As always we try to be inclusive of as many of our players as we can but due to regulations in certain regions or countries there are restrictions, we’ve provided a list below. Before you ask – Yes: Oceanic players from Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore are welcome to participate!We look forward to all of your wonderful stories and celebrating true romance in Telara!
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