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Inferno used to be off the GCD, and Im assuming thats why it never gave any charge when using it. Now its back on the GCD...shouldn't it be giving charge when used?
Good point. I'll set it to give Charge when cast.
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Any news on removing or reducing the icicle nerf as well now that the crit magnitude bonus is gone from a heavy crit soul? (SC ele builds are a concern, but they give up decent chunks of survivability to get that, compared the old mandatory 15)
There aren't any plans at the moment to change how Storm Shard works in PVP.
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Hmm. Didn`t know that. When did they change that ? The PvP nerf was introduced in 1.3. I`ve checked all the big patch notes (not hotfixes) and couldn`t find any info about it. Kervik said that: "Burning Bright will affect PVE and PVP damage equally" so we could assume that this change will be implemented in the future and it`s not on live yet.
It looks like this is already out on Live. I'm not sure when it went out, but at least it can be common knowledge now. Sorry for any confusion around it. Thanks for the info Jayko, that could go a long ways in figuring out what is happening. I'll look into it and see what I can find.
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