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NEW FEATURES:* Added UI.Native.Guest.* Added UI.Native.Tooltip.* Added Inspect.Tooltip() and Event.Tooltip.* Native and Context layering is no longer locked to integers - floating-point numbers will work as expected. This should also reduce the amount of layer churn caused by reordering things.BREAKING CHANGES:* Renamed UI.Native.Message to UI.Native.Question.SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES:* Removed UI.Native.Addon and UI.Native.Npc. These did not work properly. They may be reintroduced in the future.NONBREAKING CHANGES:* "1.7" is now a valid environment for addons.* Improved performance of Text:Set*() functions if the thing being set is not actually changing.* When querying an actual item, Inspect.Item.Detail() will now always include .stack if it includes .stackMax.BUGFIXES:* The tooltip will now properly reset when manually changed to an ability and the user mouses over a unit.* Fix various problems with the Tooltip API involving behavior when set to a unit.* Fix issues with layers and the IsLoaded flag of UI.Native.BagBank* and UI.Native.BagInventory*.* Fix issues with the scale of dialogs not propogating through to UI.Native, realign UI.Native.MessageGeneric properly.* Improved the alignment of many UI.Native dialogs. Dialogs should now be, in general, aligned properly - any remaining issues should be reported as bugs.* The ability system will now properly give detailed information on planar attunement and role abilities.* Inspect.Item.Detail() will now properly list stats for lesser essences.* Fixed an issue with the addon dialog's checkbox behavior when using addons whose identifier does not alphabetize the same way as its name.* Fixed some minor grammar issues in documentation.DIFF:
Inspectors:	Inspect.TooltipNative frames:	UI.Native.Addon (removed)	UI.Native.Guest	UI.Native.Message (removed)	UI.Native.Npc (removed)	UI.Native.Question  Events:	Event.Tooltip
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