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OK. Actually, I'm making an addon to show, in different languages, the name of the rare mobs with their zones and subzones for the player who is looking for them without wanting to know their precise locations. For the zone, I parse NPCs.xml but for the subzone... I will need fansites now!
Ah, ok. Bad news is that the Zone field is also a purely organizational one. The good news is that the Scene data is usually accurate, and the Zone data is even MORE usually correct, but in the end, in comes down to how disciplined (or OCD) the person was that created the NPCs. Or what their focus was in how they were organizing NPCs for some particular content. For example, I know there are some NPCs in Scarwood, Shimmersand, Droughtlands, and Gloamwood that all were part of quest arcs in Iron Pine, and as a result, are all tagged as Iron Pine for the Zone. :P Of course all of this is a whole lot of explanation for something that never touches actual game play.
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Coolest. Forum Title. Ever.
Heh, thanks! Invader Zim is certainly an influence on my thinking.
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