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May I ask why nothing for cinderburst/fulminate/inferno? As far as i know those are still affected by flat 30% damage reduction. as well as inferno being on the gcd.
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As well as Burning Bright only increasing fire damage half as much in pvp as it does in pve.
  • Cinder Burst and Fulminate are currently reduced by 20% in PVP. This is being changed to 15% as an initial change. It could potentially change from that, but no promises there.
  • I don't think Inferno is going to be coming off the GCD. Its an option, but not one that is very likely to happen.
  • Burning Bright will affect PVE and PVP damage equally.
Thanks for the reminder on the Charged Shield thing. I'll look into it again. Sorry for letting it fall through the cracks like that.
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