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I'm having a little trouble tracking Marks of non-Raid/group units. The Event.Unit.Detail.Mark is not quite tying in correctly given the way in which marks are applied and removed in game. Tracking when a new mark is placed is fine, and working as expected.However, the removal of marks (which usually means no target, or the use of ClearAllMarks) leads the system to somewhat breakdown. If the unit loses it's availability then no mark remove event is triggered (ie [unitID] = false). I don't need to have full availability while a unit has a mark, but some form of event trigger for when a mark is removed, even on a unavailable unit with just the unit ID and mark = false would tidy this up a little.I'm currently working around this, but still. I feel this side of the API isn't currently working fully.
Huh. Good point, I didn't even think of that. I'll try to come up with a clean solution, though this probably won't be part of 1.7.
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