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Hey all,Some small updates/info requests for you.
  • Regarding the PVP damage reduction for Lightning Burst, this is being removed for 1.7. It should be up on PTS later this week.
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- when channeling Lightning Storm sometimes the cast bar disapears and it's quite hard to know when the spell has finished channeling, no idea how to reproduce it, but it happens in HK quite often- Firestorm doesn't get any the damage bonus from Anti-planar Augmentation, easily reproducable
Is anyone playing on PTS seeing the missing channel bars? I'm not sure if its fixed or if I'm just having a hard time reproducing it.Regarding Anti-planar Augmentation (Holy Champion too), Vayra had it pretty much correct. These only affect targeted abilities and so things like Lightning Storm, which are GTAEs, don't have a specific target for the bonus.
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Also, arctic blast behaves the same with not applying any damage to targets if they're immune to snare
This should be fixed with 1.7, if its not out on Live already.
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Got any news about charged shield breaking cc effects?
Assuming the following is what you’re asking about, this is intentional. In the situation where you have Charged Shield on you, your enemy has an attack traveling to you when you CC them and then the attack hits, triggers Charged Shield, which then damages the CC’d target and breaks the CC. If there is a different situation you’re asking about, please remind me about it. I failed at finding the last time this was discussed
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Still hoping for an update/fix to split personality causing up to 5 seconds of ability lag.How to reproduce: Cast split personality. Try to cast any other ability. Unable to cast any ability for roughly 5 seconds.
I've still been unable to reproduce this. I've been trying mainly on a punching dummy on both live and development servers. Can someone who is running into this post what build their running? Is this something only happening in a warfront? Do you get any messages when you're trying to use abilities and can't?
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