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Staff of Crazed whispers or w/e the cleric healing staff from akilos is called was given focus but only 50 vs the 100 all the other staffs have.
We fixed this internally.
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Hey Josh, can we see the same change to bane of madness applied to Asphodel's Primal Beacon as well? Only makes sense that it should be changed here to match the change to bane of madness.
We changed Asphodel's Primal Beacon to proc on all Damaging abilities.
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Am really looking forward to seeing a proc added to Rising Crest, currently it is a graphic and AC upgrade but not much else, A shielding effect/or damage on block + threat - really anything to spruce it up a bit, it's RoS counterpart Aegis of Souls has a 450point shield proc on block in comparison
We are adding a shielding effect to both the Bastion of Reason and Rising Crest.
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Why'd bellow-fire band receive such a tiny update? Dolin's sorcerer ring got like 10 spell power, as opposed to 1 on the bellow-fire ring? I think you guys made a typo! ;)
I re-tweaked the stats on this a little internally.
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Expert T2 blue drop Forlorn Crystal vs HK Epic drop from Garau Ocean's Wrath
We upped the damage that Ocean's Wrath does. Let me know how this is working out.
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Can we get a similar buff to the proc rate of AMoP that the golem inductor got? I'm not keen on forever hearing the argument that the best sp proc trinket in the game "can really only be best utilized by pyros" because of the faster GCD.
We upped the procrate of the AMOP to match the Golem Inductor.
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I dont know if this has been posted yet or not, but Fang of Akylios currently doesnt have a proc at all.
Now has the same proc as Soliton Blade. As a side note, we've added procs to most of the Relics from Akylios and increased the proc rate of existing ones. We also really want to boost the damage a little, and are looking into that. We've also upped the damage and proc rates of all of the Trinkets in HK. Let me know how these look (next PTS patch.)
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