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I'm going to summarize my findings from testing all of the changes today:Energy Regeneration:I find that the only way I ever get energy starved, without fervor/clover or tablets, is through spamming AOE. In the standard RW raiding spec I only became energy starved when spamming Mighty Blow, Frenzied Strike, and SLI/FB. In the BM spec I was testing, I only ran out of energy when I substituted Tearing Slash with Feral Sweep. If you feel the only time we should worry about energy is when AOEing, then you're going in the right direction.Physical DPS in PvP:I can't find how this is a buff to warriors at all. I tested a standard 44Para/22Ch spec under various circumstances, and I can't really tell the difference except against other warriors. The damage difference is barely noticeable against mages, whom completely obliterate warriors. Against rogues, I find they got a larger buff than we did due to this fix. I still haven't found a cleric to test the build against, but I assume it still won't go too well. As I said earlier, it's a very noticeable difference against other warriors. So much so that it feels much more of a nerf to warriors' survivability than it is a buff to our physical DPS. Our non-physical builds reliant on Riftblade are still much more favorable due to the extra utility and survivability they gain via Riftblade and tanking souls. The main problem with our physical DPS builds has always been their survivability, and this change actually makes it worse, not better.Beastmaster buffs:I tested out the changes using 44BM/22Champ and 51BM/15 Champ builds. I feel that you're bringing it in the right direction, but it's still a bit off the Rising Waterfall spec.Here are the numbers I was getting:Standard RW (38/26/2): ~2,500 DPS, give or take.51BM/15CH: ~2050 DPS before screwing the rotation to hell and dropping to 1930.44BM/22CH: ~1750-1850 DPS.This is with 4 piece HK.749 Strength1113 Crit792 APIf it's true and Primal Rage benefits from others' bleeds then I can see 51BM being fairly close to Rising Waterfall in DPS. However, some things to take into account:RW wasn't benefiting from the 5/7% damage from Enraged Essence/Companion Rage, which is presumed to be in a raid. This is one loss for BM. Others include that I was using all of the bonds which, I presume, don't stack with other raid buffs.My suggestion for Primal Rage is raising it's uptime to either 25 or 50% uptime. This would bring BM very, very close to RW in DPS.Anyways, that's my take on everything so far.EDIT: Oh, and as an added bonus, it seems Tactical Strikes (The PVP PA ability) was applying to the dummy during my testing. Is this just a visual error, or an actual bug with Tactical Strikes?
Thank you for this feedback. Will be looking into these issues.
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