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What does this have to do with elemental damage? Mages are already "one-shotting" us warriors (if we are not fully tank specced) but that is another problem. The main problem is that armor and block was our only good defense againt melee rouges. And since rouge have survivabilty skill (several shields) + good damage, we wont stand a chance against them. Most people are fearing that the only class we are able to kill afterwards will be warriors. It seems we only have a disadvantage against other classes. Rouge dont care about armor they have other types of survivabilty.
This will also not effect Rogues using Elemental abilities such as Nightblade, who is currently the most common build for Rogues in PVP. The Marksman, who also uses a lot of Elemental attacks is the second most used Rogue Spec. That being said, if while playing in PVP you notice that Rogues are destroying you significantly faster than before, mention it. That will get looked at if it is an issue.
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