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Thank you for the response, really appreciated. At the moment, I'd say the real issue with energy regen is with the required combination of oCGD finishers and spamming AoE abilities for maximum damage at the top end. At the lower end, not being crit-capped or near crit-caps means even more normal rotations still starve you because of the reliance on oGCD abilities like Fiery Burst. I understand there's a very fine edge with regards to this, but this is what happens with the current set of abilities and soul synergies. You don't have very granular control of energy regen since it is always at a static 100 points. Less of a buffer and even tiny changes to regen has large implications. Pure Physical damage specs barely get any power starvation issues on live, but lose out on a lot of DPS from not spamming Fiery Burst. Energy regen might not be much of an issue if physical damage finishers did more damage or had secondary effects that made them worth the GCD and not such big DPS losses. This would then favour Fiery Burst being more integral to deep RB specs, where RB has the energy regen capability to handle Fiery Burst spam on a consistent basis. However, I do understand this fix is coming from a purely regen point of view based on the current landscape of warrior builds. But do understand that come AP scaling patches, any further changes to soul combinations could trivialise energy regen completely should physical finishers become more attractive. Anyway, I need sleep and will test this more tomorrow. You can count on further feedback from me.
This concern regarding the Physical DPS of Finishers ties directly into the changes I will be working on in 1.8.
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