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but according to the notes you only nerfed armor on high armor characters like tanks, so physical dps was thus only "increased" against pvp tanks and not any other classes/specs, is this not accurate? Based on this "fix" nothing changes in terms of me using RB based specs vs 51 champ since it has no affect on 99% of the targets ill be facing in pvp. Oh jee let me switch to physical dps build now so i can kill worthless tank spec warriors, i mean wtf dude.
Regardless of how the patch note is interpreted, this change affects all Callings. Mages, Rogues, Clerics, and Warriors will see impact from this. The goal being that if you use a Physical attack against someone, you should see a very similar damage done to them, as if you used a similar Elemental attack. Regardless of the armor type they are equipped with. The end result being that playing your champion spec should be doing damage on par with your Riftblade spec whereas before you were doing significantly less damage as a Champion.
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