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Next() returns a pair of values, which I suspect the Inspect functions dont like.category = Inspect.Achievement.Category.List()k,_ = next(category,nil)dump(Inspect.Achievement.Categor y.Detail(k))Probably easier to iterate w/ pairs() :category = Inspect.Achievement.Category.List()for k,_ in pairs(category) dodump(Inspect.Achievement.Category.Detail(k))endl ist = Inspect.Achievement.List()for k,_ in pairs(list) dodump(Inspect.Achievement.Detail(k))end
Keep in mind that, like all Detail functions, Inspect.Achievement.Detail() will happily take a table as a parameter. For example:dump(Inspect.Achievement.Detail(Inspect.Ac hievement.List()))If you really want detail for *all* achievements, this is by far the most efficient way to retrieve it.
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