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Hey Guys, I’m a Systems Designers here at Trion and I wanted to talk about some of the Itemization changes that you’ll see coming in 1.7. Patch 1.7 introduces a lot of great itemization changes that we’re super excited about and we’re sure that you will be too!Kick Butt ASAP: We’ve Streamlined Item ProgressionWe’ve started at the grass roots and smoothed out how item progression works in RIFT at level 50. We've updated the stats and streamlined Hit and Focus to create a smooth transition into later content. You can find more information in Gersh’s post below:http://forums.riftgame.com/public-te...ml#post3521157Expert Dungeons: A new Tier of awesomeTier 1 and Tier 2 dungeons have been merged together into one ‘expert tier.’ Itemization has followed along with that.
  • Players with existing Tier 1 items will notice that they have received a slight upgrade and that these items were marked as ‘antiquated.’ This means that they will no longer drop. You can find upgrades to these items in the new Expert Tier of dungeons!
  • Players with existing Tier 2 items will also notice an upgrade. These are equivalent to the new Expert Tier items.
You can find more information below:http://forums.riftgame.com/public-te...rovements.html Hit and Focus Simplified Hit and Focus have been normalized across the board. This will simplify the process of getting ready for the next tier of content.
  • All level 50+ ‘slot appropriate’ items will now have Hit or Focus. (Head, Hand, Weapon, Neck, and Finger slots)
  • Hit and Focus will be distributed in a more predictable manner similar to how Toughness works now.
Loot Drop enhancements in Raid dungeonsWith 1.7 loot drops should more accurately reflect a raid’s expected composition. Loot is still going to be random, but you can expect to see a much better distribution (and less Cleric Tank loot) on your weekly Hammerknell clears! Cleric ‘Healer Items’ now have FocusWe’ve gotten feedback from the Cleric community that Focusless loot was limiting their ability to play multiple roles, so we’ve added focus to all of these items. This went hand-in-hand with our item upgrades and shouldn’t have a dramatic effect on the best in slot standings, but as always, feedback is appreciated. On-Going process on PTSWe still have some work to do and will be doing a bit of clean up and tweaking on the Test Shard, so please give us your feedback (the more specific, the better) as we continue to tweak itemization. Hand Tuning ItemsWe want item progression to be meaningful and we want you to feel rewarded whenever you enter a new area and down a new boss. We’re focused ensuring that items from Raid 2 are clear upgrades from Raid 1 items. As always feedback in this area is appreciated. Improving some Relics from AkyliosWe’ve improved some Akylios Relics and we want to continue to do this and are happy to hear your feedback on these items. Some examples include recent changes to the Bane of Madness, the Undertow Rifle and the Soliton Blade. You can find specifics below:http://forums.riftgame.com/rift-gene...ml#post3518847Improving ProcsWe’re looking at improving proc based items across the game. We’ll update you guys with examples as we move forward.
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