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Hey all,Another quick update for you.
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This may not strictly be a mage bug, but it is rather severe since it affects most lvl 50 mages (and has been around for some time without any reply/fix):When equipping a wand, you lose the PA SP bonus for your mainhand (and probably offhand, didnt test that) until you reequip your main/offhand. Since /loadequip seems to equip your wand after your main/offhand, this auto-triggers the bug as well.It's easily reproducable - with PA specced for +SP while wielding a wand and mainhand, do the following:- Unequip and reequip your wand: your SP drops by whatever you specced in mainhand- Unequip and reequip your mainhand: your SP goes back up to where it should be.
This will be fixed with 1.7. The finishing touches on the fix just went in yesterday and should be on PTS soonish.
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I get the buff and it does nothing.
I'm having trouble getting this to happen for me. What sort of build are you running when you have this issue?
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