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What is the preferred method of aligning to the tooltip? I can use UI.Native.TooltipAnchor but it doesn't work for items that are in the inventory/character panel, only things in the world and on actionbars. Aligning to UI.Native.Tooltip just aligns to a position on the top left corner of the viewport.
UI.Native.Tooltip is going to be disabled in a future version because it's not working right. Hopefully I'll get it working by 1.7. There's no ideal method for this yet (UI.Native.Tooltip is meant to be it ;) )
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Also, what is the preferred method of detecting when a tooltip is displayed and what type of information it is displaying? eg. a distinction between items and abilities.
I'll hopefully be rigging up Inspect.Tooltip() and Event.Tooltip at the same time, working in a similar manner to Inspect.Cursor() and Event.Cursor.
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