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I've updated the original post to include all changes currently up or on their way to PTS. I also wanted to clarify a few matters:
  • Mead Rush is just a charge with some damage on it. That's it. No snare, no CC break, no interrupt.
  • Gathering of the Ancestors uses smart healing to determine who it applies to. It should hit the 10 people with the lowest percentage health who don't already have the blocker on them. If you had two Purifiers in your raid and one cast it shortly after the other, all 20 people in the raid should get it.
  • Brutalize uses a higher ratio of Massive Blow's damage now (60% instead of 40%), but is spread over a longer period of time (10s), meaning a single stack will do less damage per tick. However, you will now see it stack much more often and stacking it will actually increase its damage properly now (meaning two stacks will do twice as much damage as one stack).
  • Ekkehard's Invocation is not meant to be added to your standard rotation. It's meant to be used whenever you can't be in melee range and can't charge in (either because Battle Charge is on cooldown or there's some mechanic preventing you from utilizing it). If you're in melee range and don't have anything better to use, you should use Crushing Blow, not Ekkehard's Invocation.
  • Favored of the Valnir simply adds more ticks to Lightning and causes each additional tick to deal more damage. The original damage isn't spread out over a longer period of time.
The next things we'll be looking at are Druids and Justicars (namely their reliance on avoidance for mitigation). Both will require some time to get right, so you probably won't see any more changes to either until we start patching 1.8. I do want to specify right now though that the Druid will not become a full support soul. There are currently no plans to add a full support soul to the Cleric in the foreseeable future.
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