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Hey all, Some updates on things below. Regarding the Split Personality lag, I'm looking into this but haven't been able to make any progress on it. I'll pass on any new info I get on it though.
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Static Barrier: Does not always work, and in fact it seems to not work more often than work. Flash Freeze: Does no damage if target has exhausted its diminishing returns.
Is anyone else seeing the issue with Static Barrier when its failing outside of DR? I've setup Flash Freeze to deal damage even if the enemy is immune to the root portion.
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Quick Thinking doesn't give me the reduced time it takes to cast a spell after a Control Spell is used (on my level 26 Mage), BUT it works as intended on my level 50 Mage.
When this is happening, do you get the buff from Quick Thinking and its not doing anything, or are you not getting the buff at all?
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