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So I shouldn't have bug-reported my bogling snowman?
Hah! Though, honestly, it's like some people think we aren't playing our own game. We do, a lot. It got fixed, because I ran into it while playing. And even though it was a Saturday, I immediately tossed it into a company chat channel where it got picked up and assigned out as a task to be fixed by the appropriate designer when they got into the office that Monday morning. We have QA. We have player submitted bugs. We have these forums (and even some 3rd party forums we keep an eye on). But we also are out in the game, playing our own work. I have one 50 in a very large guild where no one knows I am a dev. I am frequently jabbering in level 50 chat, again without revealing myself as a dev. You never know who is on the other side of that screen. ( ) See you in-game!
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