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You are increasing stats for rank 13 and lower to ensure a more competitive battles in the future against high rank and low ranks. Does that mean the actual stats between rank 13 and rank 40 are minor? So we won't see rank 40's trampling over rank 13's like we see with rank 1 and 8 now?
It's a bit more involved than that now - By Rank 13 you should have enough Favor to have a purchased the first full set of PvP armor. Prior to that it's assumed that you're relatively new to PvP and have sub-standard gear for engaging other players. However, beyond that Rank plays a reduced role in player potency now since the armor sets are no longer bound to a specific Prestige Rank (you just need the required favor and prior tiers armor). Weapons and Synergy Crystals still require a prestige rank, so this is where the most power from ranks will likely come from. That said though - we've also increased the potency of items across the board prior to the highest tiers. This in itself will have the most significant role in bridging the current power gap. In the end - a more experience PvPer is going to have advantages over the green gilled warrior, it just won't be as dramatic an advantage as it was previously. Hope that answers it Cheers,
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