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I think Elrar two different complaints here, Some yes are complaining of the downtime. For those I say live with it, it is inevitable in the gaming world and is to bring some good enhancements/fixes/restructure. But, The complaint I can see being valid, is no in-game announcement. I read the forums quite a bit but usually not while I am gaming. Even when I do I don't always think of checking the news. In future please inform us in-game. Really good to know when your not looking at the clock.
Absolutely - for those who missed it (this thread is getting some action) I posted an apology:
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Hey all, I've looked into it and it does appear no server broadcasts were made. Apologies for this - there should always be some notice, generally 30 minutes or more, prior to a downtime. Additionally, the downtime is likely to continue through to 1:00PM PST. We'll continue to keep you up to date via this thread throughout the extended maintenance - thanks!
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