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Hey all, Sorry to say there aren't many updates today. I've been looking into a bunch of things, and have some updates or requests for more info, but no new fixes for you all just yet. The fixes for Electrocute should be out on PTS now. If anyone is playing on that server and still sees the issue with it failing to knockback when it should, please let me know.
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Heya Kervik, hope you saw that its not only EF not triggering Icy Carapace, but any earth based spell (like Crystalline Missiles, Pillaging Stone etc). If you cast EF and then IC, no earth based spell will trigger that IC explosion.
Ugh this is an entirely different issue than just the damage from EF failing to trigger Icy Carapace. Unfortunately this one has me stumped. I've sent it off for some other people to look into it, so hopefully we can get it figured out quickly, but this does mean I don't really have an estimate on when I can have it fixed.
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When equipping a wand, you lose the PA SP bonus for your mainhand (and probably offhand, didnt test that) until you reequip your main/offhand. Since /loadequip seems to equip your wand after your main/offhand, this auto-triggers the bug as well. It's easily reproducable - with PA specced for +SP while wielding a wand and mainhand, do the following: - Unequip and reequip your wand: your SP drops by whatever you specced in mainhand - Unequip and reequip your mainhand: your SP goes back up to where it should be.
We're working on this. There was a flurry of conversation about it and I'm working on getting an update, but don't have any info for it yet.
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Yaaay! Finally! Have you looked at DR affecting those two?
As far as I can tell DR isn't actually affecting Hailstorm or Eye of the Storm. It was things like Wild Abandon that were causing the target to be immune to the damage.
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Dot ticks reflected by Rift Barrier are acting like interrupts again. In the heat of battle I can't figure out if it's a specific dot but I THINK it might be Defile, or Dark Touch. I wasn't seeing this for a little while but it appears to have come back. There's nothing quite as frustrating as a run spec rogue zooming off into the sunset of Whitefall with our stone and standing there unable to mount..... Please refix this :-(
Is everyone seeing this? The issue doesn't seem to be happening when I tested it. I tried both Defile and Dark Touch without reproducing it. Is there another ability in the mix here? Anything else going on when this happens?
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Been noticing split personality is causing a 3 second lag time after spellcast. Able to run around but perform no actions. Anyone else bumping into this? It's downright murder in pvp to pop them and be able to do nothing for a period of time except run around like a noob.
I've seen several reports of this, but haven't been able to reproduce it on my server. I haven't had a chance to try it out on a live server yet, so that will be my next stop. Is there any other info you can give me about when this happens? Do you have any buffs active? What abilities are you using before/after this happens?
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