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I am the MT Healer of my 10/11 guild. My stuff is full T4 focus less gear (Zero relic items). A - Seeing the relic items with such a boost is a real slap for me because for months I have never asked for a relic HK token thinking it would be better for tank / dps players than for me, and that anyway Maelforge stuff would come soon enough "no gold items for me and that'll be fine for the guild". Now that the logic is that relic items from the former tier are better that regular items from the current tier, I feel just so much screwed... B - We still do not know if the focus less gear will be modified with added focus... and it has quite an impact on loot distribution right now as I don't know if I can roll +2 on focus cleric gear for versatility purpose or if I can wait for 1.7. Please Trion, give me an answer for the B question !
Crap completely forgot to add that... gonna go back and do it now Yes as part of the hand tuning pass cleric items without focus will get focus, and items currently with focus will also be brought more in line with the items that just had focus added to them.
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