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Am I right in thinking the UI.Native.* will allow us to use those frames for ourselves? I mean, the base textures and such. For example, I'll be wanting to expand on Achievements for Raids/Dungeons so that when tracking them they show failed states and better representation of requirements. Hope that makes sense. So more like have access to the base achievement element and add to everything myself (Icon, Points, Objectives, etc).
You can't really *use* them - what it permits you to do, at least in theory, is to align UI elements relative to them. So if you wanted to add a button on the Achievement frame, you could do that.However, there's no way to look deep enough in the Achievement frame in order to modify the content - to be honest, that's probably never going to occur, the base UI wasn't designed with it in mind. The best you could do would be to put an overlay over the entire frame and reproduce stuff in your overlay.Future updates may include things like "move native frames", "hide native frames", and "close the window when you're done with it", so you can easily replace base UI elements. I'm also hoping to expose the filenames of our internal textures at some point - that may end up part of 1.7 depending on how much time I spend killing bugs.
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Hi Zorba,That is a very tasty looking list of changes you have for us I'm just wondering, will the UI.Native.* allow us to scale those UI elements as well? I know most parts of the UI can be scaled already using either Settings (global) or Layout options, however, bag slots can't for some reason. It would be a very nice addition to allow us to scale our bags. My screen is always half-full or even full (when at a bank) with bags open.
Not at this time. That functionality is planned, but it'll be 1.8 at earliest, and I wouldn't hold your breath on that
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