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Hey all,after some digging around I can tell everyone, you're not imagining things. The Fae Yule zone event ran at a very low rate during the course of the world event (compared to other zone events). We're still trying to sort out why exactly it was picked so infrequently - but expect Yulegon to make a post Fae Yule appearance in some form in the near future (he' still a little angry).
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I wouldn't mind a dev response to what has been said time and time again: The last 3 world events, at least for a portion of the time they were live, appeared to spawn the previous world event invasions instead of the current world event invasions, repeatedly.
Just to clear up some possible confusion on this. After a world event, we generally take any zone events that aren't too specific to the world event and add them into the standard rotation for a zone. We'll tweak the weighting a bit to put them in line with the rest of the pool since they're no longer the focus of the world, and the zone event selector takes over from there - so in some cases you might see a 'lucky roll' and few old ones popping up back to back.
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