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Greetings!We're looking for a few good men (and ladies) to take on a new mission, should you choose to accept it. No, we're not looking for Tom Cruise and his IMF buddies, but we are recruiting Ascended to test the next step in the evolution of raiding within RIFT.Fear and trepidation shall run cold through your bones as you enter [EDIT] and walk the halls of [EDIT]. You and your guild will encounter the sheer terror of [TOP SECRET] and [CLASSIFIED] as they attempt to [EDIT] the [EDIT] on Telara. Prepare yourselves, Ascended, for [EDIT] will never be the same.Those chosen will be guilds that are the most flexible in regards to time, as well as groups that will be able to adapt to the testing schedule of [EDIT] being canceled and changed at a moment's notice. Your guild must be 11/11 in Hammerknell, as the raid zone will be a step up in difficulty. There will be no exceptions for this round of testing.Guilds participating on the test will need to meet the following criteria:
  • Currently be 11/11 in Hammerknell
  • Be able to participate at least two nights a week, 2 hours a night
  • Be composed of mature players who will be able to express frustrations, criticism, concerns, or suggestions in a productive and constructive manner
  • Have at least 20 skilled individuals who will be able to participate
Guild leaders (only), please post your information here in this thread. Please use the template below. Name of Guild:Faction: Current Progression:Availability (M-F):Number of Members Available:Feedback that is 500 words or less on any Hammerknell encounter:The best guilds don't always make the best testers. If you think you have what it takes, and your team can operate in an appropriate and professional manner, please feel free to post your guild's information. We will be taking a look at all applicants. And last but not least, please leave your drama llama at the hitching post. We really don't care if your main tank stole your girlfriend, or if your officers love to watch Glee.This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds...
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