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These changes will be pushed onto live servers soon.SORT OF BREAKING CHANGES:* Inspect.Buff.Detail is no longer guaranteed to include the exact right tooltip text in "description" - the numbers may be incorrect. The flag "descriptionComplete" will be added if the numbers are correct. Proper tooltip text can now be requested with Command.Buff.Describe(), and the arrival of that text (or removal of it, if the internal buffers get full) can be detected with Event.Buff.Description(). This is sort-of-breaking because, while it was guaranteed to work before, it didn't actually work - this is making the documentation conform to the actual behavior, and adding some functions that let addons request data that they previously could not.BUGFIXES:* Fixed some crashes with :SetParent().* Internal factions will no longer be shown by the addon system.DIFF:
Commands:	Command.Buff.DescribeEvents:	Event.Buff.Description
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