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Hey all,Have a couple updates and fixes to pass on. I don't actually have an estimate for when the fixes will be available on the live servers though. I'll pass on any info on when they'll be heading there as I get it.Fixes
  • I believe I have a fix for Electrocute failing to knockback the enemy. I'll try to let you know when it goes to PTS and when it will be going to Live. If anyone notices it still happening after it makes it out to the servers let me know.
  • Fixed an issue where damage from Hailstorm and Eye of the Storm could be blocked by abilities such as the Chloromancerís Wild Abandon.
  • Fixed Absolute Zero causing more than just the next Icicle or Arctic Blast to root the enemy.
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    Storm shard is currently bugged.Edit:Figured what was causing it.If icicle is hardcasted and then an air based spell is used BEFORE the hardcasted icicle lands, then the procced icicle won't see the damage buff and will only crit regularly
  • Fixed this too.
  • I've figured out why Elemental Forces isn't triggering Icy Carapace, but I don't have a good fix for it at the moment. I'll continue looking at it and see what I can come up with though.
  • No progress yet on the role icons. I'll update again when there's more news.
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    Tried reading the whole thread but I've probably missed this:Electrified debuff - Seems to work but the icon is nowhere to be found. Not under my portrait or the enemies.
  • I had thought this was fixed. Is everyone still seeing this?
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