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So then why are many of us seeing only a 14% damage increase between when the mien is on and when the mien is off with Armor of Awaking on? In addition if this is indeed the case then why is it that with AoA off I see a 17% difference between the mien being active and inactive?This whole extra damage thing confuses the crap outta me. I figured with the AoA changes and MoA we see a 25% damage increase. I seen all the math theory posts in the thread and i am still confused. Maybe I shoulda just rolled a warrior!
This may help a bit:
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It's just like any other percentage bonus to damage. It gets added to all other similar bonuses before applying to your final outgoing damage.For example, Jolt receives a 50% bonus from Stormborn + 20% from Mien of Aggression for a total bonus of 70% (assuming you don't have any other such bonuses that would apply to it).
In the above example, Jolt would not see a direct 20% increase in damage from Mien of Aggression, because it's already receiving a 50% bonus from Stormborn (assuming you have it). You have to add your bonuses together to determine the final bonus an ability will receive.
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