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Surely you are able to setup tests of the proven leading raid dps specs, apply all the possible buffs/debuffs and alter things so the cleric numbers land within 5%.
I think you may be misunderstanding why we ask you to help us test our changes. As you say, we are perfectly capable of testing these changes ourselves. Testing is actually one of the most time consuming aspects of making changes. It's one reason why many changes players consider to be simple are not so much.The reason we ask you to test these changes is so that you may have the opportunity to consider problems that we did not, encounter bugs that we did not, add variables that we did not, and so you may give feedback based on your own results.I can tell you that a Shaman, with raid buffs and debuffs, without considering movement, is the highest DPS Cleric. Your experience clearly differs. Hence, I am very interested in seeing your testing results in as many situations as you can muster so I can determine what variables are at play. I am also interested in hearing your resulting feedback, so I can know your opinion on those results.
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