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Assuming the new Mien is a quick fix for hotfix #3/4 before doing more testing/work for 1.7, nice and waiting to see more!
Please do not respond to these changes with the assumption of some other set of changes down the road that will make you feel better about them. While additional changes are always possible in the future as we continuously evaluate the state of the game, these changes should be considered as is.
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Also, why is it that everytime there is a cleric change, some random nerfs must come with it? Cabalist was so OP that adding a mien required to nerf it?
The combination of the Curse of Discord fix (which needed to be done) with the new Mien gave them nearly equal single target DPS compared with the other DPS Clerics. This was done to bring them down slightly below the others, due to their specialty in AE damage.
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