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Now that PTS is back up, here are all of the Cleric notes:Clerics
  • Mien of Aggression: Now available at 21 points in Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, or Shaman. Increases the single target damage of the Cleric and their pet by 20%. Reduces healing by 20%. Does not affect the healing from Balm of the Woods, Contempt, Glory of the Chosen, Harsh Discipline, or Ravaging Darkness.
  • Mien of Aggression, Mien of Honor, Mien of Leadership: Increased their individual and the shared cooldown for Miens to 15 seconds.
  • Curse of Discord: Now lasts 15 seconds as indicated in the tooltip.
  • Symbol of the Ancient: Reduced the bonus per point spent in the Cabalist soul to 2%.
  • Armor of Awakening: Increased the spell damage bonus to 10%.
  • Clinging Spirit: Now lasts 30 seconds.
  • Shroud of Agony: AE now hits 10 enemies.
  • Doctrine of Authority: No longer uses projectiles.
  • Mien of Leadership: Will no longer cause immune messages under certain unusual circumstances.
Our ultimate goal was to increase DPS without changing existing playstyles or increasing the power of -icars. We currently intend to release these changes prior to 1.7, so we would really appreciate as much testing and feedback as we can get as soon as possible.
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