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regarding points 3 and 4. "healing that group member. You are now on the monster's aggro list.is that assuming the group member has taken damage, and thus is in fact "healed"? what if the group member is at full hp and thus the healing is overheal? Are you on the monsters aggro list in both scenario's?
You are put on the aggro list regardless of whether that group member is at full health or not. Now in that particular situation, where you weren't on the aggro list, but overhealing added you to it, in some cases the actual overhealing threat may not apply. Here's a rundown:
  1. Group member body pulls (maybe the add spawned as part of a boss encounter and jumped them, maybe it was just a patrol, whatever). That group member does nothing to fight back against the monster, so they only have 1 point of threat.
  2. You hit Doctrine of Loyalty. The group member had an absorb shield on, so they haven't taken any damage, meaning your heal is all overhealing. Since you weren't actually on the aggro list yet, you are only given the 1 initial point of threat, not the threat you should have gained from overhealing. As your threat is equal, the monster does not change targets.
  3. You hit Doctrine of Loyalty again. Now you get the proper amount of threat based on 120% of what you healed. The monster turns and comes after you.
This is a somewhat specific situation as it relies on the group member not actually taking any damage from the monster before you heal and you only using Doctrine of Loyalty instead of attacking (which would provide a string of Reparation heals). I've made a change today that should fix this under most circumstances. It'll hit PTS sometime soon. However, this is not the situation that the majority of you are describing (where you clearly had the monster's attention in the first place, you're just losing it).
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