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Guess warriors are screwed forever as far as AP scaling and class synergy goes. http://forums.riftgame.com/official-...ml#post3414342 To be fair, they said they would "like to avoid it". I hope they feel less strongly about that than how happy they are with the current state of warriors.
Hi Sebb, The post you are referencing does not state that changes to classes will not be made. I stated that clerics should not expect complete overhauls to their souls and its something we'd like to avoid going forward. A complete overhaul at this point in time is a change major enough to /force/ a respec to a class. This means major changes to the placement of the talents in the branches (top section) of the soul tree. This also means attempting to avoid major changes in the play style of the class. Modifying how talents or abilities scale, or even adding new abilities in the root can and will still happen. Its even possible to fundementally change an individual talent - but we would like to avoid that. Please keep in mind that this is a live game. Every time we force soul respecs on the community it has major impacts. We'd like to minimize the negative impact from forcing respecs on the player base. This means that we as developers need to work inside a certain box from a technical and design standpoint. If we absolutely feel that we need to do a drastic change that requires soul respec we will. But such changes will not be made lightly. ~Daglar
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