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Thanks for clarifying how over heal threat is applied, but it still leaves us kind of hosed on multi-mob pulls (like mmDD) unless we are running a bit of cabalist in order to get on the mobs aggro list since straight Justicar doesn't have any kind of ranged multi pull except rebuke which is limitied to 4 targets and has a one minute CD. Is there any reason why we need to be on the mobs aggro list for over healing to be factored into our threat. I mean if the mob is actively in combat it has someone on aggro and really the amount of threat generated from say a reparation or even a DoL should be pretty small compared to what say a Reaver is pushing for AE threat so, but may be enough to pull in strays. I don't think it would create to many problems in a dual tank raid situation either
Getting on something's aggro list doesn't require you to actually hit it. Here's a few scenarios to consider:
  1. You violate a monster's personal space. You are now on its aggro list.
  2. You attack a monster with a single target ability. That causes three other monsters to aggro with it. You are now on all of their aggro lists.
  3. Someone in your group aggros a monster. You attack some other monster, causing Reparation and/or Righteous Mandate to heal that person. You are now on both monsters' aggro lists.
  4. Someone in your group aggros a monster. You cast Doctrine of Loyalty, healing that group member. You are now on the monster's aggro list.
You do not need to cast Bound Fate and hope all of the monsters are within its radius to get on something's aggro list. Nor do you need to madly dash around trying to hit every monster to get on their aggro lists. If the monster is aggroed on anyone in your group, as long as that group member is within healing range, you can gain threat.
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