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In regards to the overhealing mechanic, a few notes:
  • It does not matter whether the target of the heal has threat against a monster for determining if you will gain threat from overhealing. All that matters is if you have threat. This is because the overhealing threat broadcasts to all monsters who have you, not the target, on their aggro list.
  • Threat from Justicar heals, as well as threat from overhealing in general, with Mien of Leadership's bonus included, is 120% of the healing done.
  • The goal with overhealing was to maintain damage as the premier source of threat (due to both the damage itself, as well as the healing that results from Salvation, Reparation, Righteous Mandate, and Doctrine of Authority if you have it).
  • QA and I have tried repeatedly to establish a solid repro case for overhealing not generating threat, but thus far have not been able to find one. Everything appears to be working correctly on our end whether testing internally or in the Live environment. I cannot be certain whether the perception that it isn't working is due to a particular set of circumstances required to make it fail or misconceptions about how it should work.
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