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Obviously that's not the answer I'd like to hear ,but I'm jumping with joy to finally receive some feedback.EDIT: It is my opinion that if -Overall wewant the various callings to be competitive with each other in their comparative roles. Thereisnít a mandate that Rogues do more damage than Warriors or that Mages be the best rangeddamage in the game. Ideally we would like to see players with equivalent skill, gear, planarattunement, buffs etc be equally effective at damage, tanking or healing.-kervickIs accurate then reverting the changes I listed(and you quoted) is your best, easiest option.
Zyzyx, you are obviously very passionate about the rogue calling, you would not make so many posts if you were not. I have said in no uncertain terms, that the change made to this ability is not going to be reverted.I fully understand that you feel that the rogue calling is being singled out with this change. It would be hard to feel any other way regarding a change to a class that is a reduction in effectiveness. Is it debatable that all abilities should function the same (As pointed out in the thread you link here)? Yes its debatable, however the fact of the matter is that the ability was not intended to work as it did.The intention did not match the desired functionality hence it changed. Marking that as a "bug" fix in the patch notes may have been poor wording of a release note - to a developer that is a bug fix. To the community that is a "nerf" and a "change" to how something works.~Daglar
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