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No, what Zinbik posted was,He says nothing about anything being done or that Trion even acknowledges there's a problem. All he says is that he knows we think there's a problem. And he hasn't said anything since. And that's why clerics are and will continue to give him grief. At least until he does something or says he will be doing something.Well, or until our accounts run out anyway.
I'm not going to touch the rest of the other content in this thread as it deals with things outside my area of expertise. But, I'm here to acknowledge that we are in fact looking at increasing cleric DPS. As per my usual caveat, I won't give you an ETA other than "Man I wish PTS was updated so people can start reviewing the changes".While I fully understand that everyone would love more communication from the developers, it is not always viable to have them respond to forum feedback by posting on the forums or engage in a dialog with the community.~Daglar
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