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Hey all,Quick update on some fixes I just finished up working on:
  • Glyphs of Power is falling off when zoning.
  • Static Discharge is causing Storm Shard to proc.
    Fixed. It will no longer cause Storm Shard to proc.
  • Casting Charged Shield on another person is stripping off Mage Armors from the caster.
  • Dominator Presence abilities can be purged when cast on an enemy.
    Arresting Presence and Reflective Presence will now show up as a buff on allies and a debuff/curse on enemies. Their functionality is unchanged.
  • Detaunt is falling off due to abilities cast prior to Detaunt.
    Fixed! This fix applies to both the Archmage and Templar versions of the ability. Only offensive abilities cast after Detaunt will cause it to fall off.
  • Electrocute is breaking in PVP after knocking back the enemy.
    This is now effectively fixed, but it meant changing the ability. The new version of Electrocute has a 30 meter range and will knockback the enemy 15 meters to a maximum of 30 meters away from the caster. This should be out on Test this week I think if anyone wants to play around with it. There is a chance there will be some additional tweaks to it before it hits Live.
Odds are this will be my last post for the week, but I'll keep tabs on things. For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Thanksgiving.
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