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I've had "add a sane system for dragging" on my list for quite a while now, but it keeps getting bumped for other things. It's on there, though! It's a bit more complicated than you'd expect - a *good* dragging system needs to be able to save things in given tables, in case you're dragging a UI element to a place you want it to persist through logon/logoff. It also needs to have some comprehension of the difference between "the frame that gets drag events" and "the frame that actually moves". I've just been busy with other things - it's in my gigantic "low-priority quality-of-life" queue. But yes, it's there.
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1.6 added RiftButton:SetSkin(), which allows you to create a close button. At the moment, you'll have to attach that button manually. I need to come up with a good generalized method for "attach standardized widgets to this thing in the standard manner" - I don't want every single RiftWindow to be carting around CloseButton baggage if it doesn't plan to use it. If there are other standard and commonly-needed buttons that we're missing, let us know - adding more SetSkin() variants won't be terribly hard.
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