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I'm messing around with a very preliminary version of LootSorter. The only event handler it has is for scrollbarchange. I am not touching the scrollbar. And the addon seems to be chewing up 2% CPU time. Just... sitting there. Displaying a window containing 20 lines of unchanging text and a scrollbar. It appears that this is all render time, according to Inspect.Addon.Cpu(). Is that reasonable? Should I be worrying about this, given that I'm only about 1/3 done populating the frame with prettiness?
Rendering isn't free. Yep, UI elements that are just sitting there will use CPU time. No way to avoid that - they gotta get rendered. The actual amount will be decreasing in the future - there's some optimizations I have in mind, including a fix for an efficiency problem with text - but it won't ever drop to zero.
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