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Hey all, Hereís an update on things Iím looking into. I should have some updates on things that have fixes or at least progress made on them by Monday or Tuesday next week. (Iíll be out of town for the rest of the week after those two days)
  • Warlock Armor doesnít make a sound when activated.
    This is being looked into.
  • Glyphs of Power is removed upon zoning.
    Yeah, not sure why it got set this way. Iíll get it fixed up.
  • Wild Growth agroes NPCs on floors below you when cast.
    Ouch, where did this happen to you? Iíll look into it, but Iím not sure at the moment if itís an issue with the ability or with location you used it.
  • Casting Icicle makes you lose your target.
    I havenít been able to reproduce this. Are you still seeing it?
  • Casting Icicle is consuming both the Storm Shard and Opportunity buffs if they are both up.
    This is currently intended. Iíd like to see if I can find a better fix, but it opens up an exploit if it doesnít do this right now.
  • Opportunity procs are causing Archon auras to gain a cast time even if theyíre talented to be instant.
    This should have been fixed a while ago, and I havenít been able to reproduce it recently. Is this something youíve been seeing on live since 1.6 came out?
  • Living Energy is removed upon entering a warfront.
    Can you give me some more details on what youíre seeing on this one? It doesnít appear to be running into the same issue as Glyphs of Power.
  • Pyromancerís Armor/Elemental Armor is falling off unexpectedly.
    I havenít been able to reproduce these so far. They arenít affected by the issue hitting Glyphs of Power.
  • Storm Shard is proccing off of Static Discharge
    Yeah I can how this would happen. Iíll get it fixed.
  • The spell animation for Lockdown seems to have vanished.
    Do you mean the casting animation or the stun animation for things stunned by it?
  • Issues with applying Illuminate to targets that have Spotterís Order.
    Does Illuminate just not apply to the target or what are you seeing when this occurs?
There have also been several mentions about other abilities missing VFX, SFX or animations. For clarity, when reporting something like this please let me know ability names that you are seeing the issue with. Most of these abilities are not ones that have had any changes in weeks or months so theyíre going to be a little harder to figure out what happened.
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Yes, this is a systemic problem, at least with mages. Buffs with no duration are being removed when entering/exiting an instance.
Can you fill me in on what you mean by buffs with no duration? My thinking right now is "Of course buffs fall off when their duration expires..."
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