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Alright, so in my code (just the relevant parts linked), I have two handles: LibDataBroker.domt.__newindex and function LibDataBroker:NewDataObject(name, dataobj)Does that mean my code should look like this instead of the first pastebin?
I'm sort of confused by this code - things like this:
local eventTable[name, object]
are not, AFAIK, valid.In general, you'll need to store the first parameter somewhere, then call it to trigger events. You probably *want* to store the second parameter so you can hand it to someone as an event table, although it can also be found through the Event. hierarchy.The actual method you use to do this is entirely up to you - you can even call the same function with the same parameters repeatedly to get the handle and event table again, if you don't feel like storing them. (Not terribly recommended, note, it'd be a bit slow.)
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I grabbed LibUnitChange from the ftp site on the first page of the example addons. It says it is version 2.0 and its code is identical to what I was looking at before. Am I missing something?
I can't find the part where it's passing in an addon identifier besides the addon name. What line are you looking at?
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