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I've just been trying to adjust my LibSimpleWidgets for the deprecation of GetDefaultHeight/etc. and, I have to say, it's damn awkward. The main problem is that my custom widgets whose primary frame is just a normal Frame type cannot have the same "default height until set" behavior that the native frame types do. And that makes it very hard to treat custom and native widgets the same when doing automatic layouts that need to know things like default heights.
Hmm. That's a reasonable point. Would it work to add SetDefaultHeight/SetDefaultWidth functions to Frame and only frame? (Conceptually, everything that inherits from Frame now would inherit from some common ancestor, and Frame would be turned into a leaf - this is something I've been thinking about doing anyway.) No guarantees this will happen, won't be until 1.7 at earliest, but let me know if that would solve the problem.
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