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Hey all,It's that time again. With 1.6 out to Live I'm starting up a fresh bug thread. Below are the issues I currently have listed as needing at least a looking into. As usual, I'm sure I missed some so let me know and I'll try to get updates as I can.
  • Even with 51 in Chloro if enough points are put into Archon (15?), Mages are still shown as support by their party/raid flag indicator. High points in Chloro should trump points in Archon.
    This isn't something I can change on my own, and its a slighty more complicated issue than you would think. I'm working on talking with those that can though. I'll let you know as I get more info on it.
  • With the changes made to Stormcaller, the T1 crystal is pretty useless now with 1 air spell every 10 secs.
    I'll take a look at the crystal. No promises on any changes to it, but I'll see how it stacks up with the current version of the soul.
  • flame bolt sometimes bugs out and does not grant 10% spell dmg buff...requires respec or perhaps just a role change to fix
    I've recieved some good info on how to possibly reproduce this, but haven't had a chance to dig too deep on it yet.
  • Grasping Void is useless in PvP.
    Yeah I see the issue here. I'll see what I can do.
  • Channeled skills that place a buff or debuff on the target can be dispelled and don't do damage anymore for the duration of the channel (i.e. i cast Mana Wrench on a target, he dispels the debuff from himself and then my Mana Wrench keeps channeling doing nothing)
    This is another issue I have to work with some other people to try for a fix. I'll pass on any updates I get.
  • Warlock 'magical affinity' doesn't increase the charge gained from void life
    I haven't spent any time on this one yet. I think it should be fixable, but I'm not sure how complicated it will be to do so without breaking something else.
  • Electrocute: Channeling in PVP is canceled after knocking the target back.
    I'm looking into solutions for this. It will probably mean a slight tweak to how the ability works, but nothing is set in stone yet.
  • Flourish doesn’t heal anyone and still goes on cooldown.
    I'm still having trouble reproducing this one. If anyone has some info on how to make it happen more reliably let me know.
  • Overload from Archmage doesn’t correctly affect some abilities such as Life Leech and Dark Touch.
    No updates on this one yet.
  • Disorient doesn't apply damage if target is immune to cc.
    I haven't spent anymore time on this one. It's still on the list though.
  • Detaunt being removed by spells cast prior to detaunt.
    I think I have a fix for this. Need to test it out before I get it sent to Live.
  • Essence Link keeps getting overwritten preventing it from being useful to Necromancers.
    I have some ideas here. I'll play with them a bit and see if they work out.
  • Dominator Presence abilities, when cast on an enemy, can be purged by allies.
    Another one I have some ideas for. I just need to have some time to get it taken care of.
  • Arresting Presence breaks squirrel.
    More ideas on this one. Just need to see how they actually work when playing.
Thanks again to everyone for the past success of these threads. Keep throwing out any issues you run into.
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